Got hairballs?  Got cat hair everywhere?  Well, we have the solution for you!

We do SEDATION FREE cat grooming.   Many people believe that cats groom themselves.  Rather, they tend to lick their fur leaving it covered in saliva.   Loose, shedding fur is then ingested and hairballs form.  This can result in an expensive trip to the vet.   Alternatively, shedding hair can form into mats which pull on the cats skin as they move.  

We can bath and blowdry your cat removing the loose shedding fur and mats, removing the saliva, dander and dandruff and get your favourite kitty cat looking and feeling sensational.   This can significantly reduce the number of hairballs that your cat gets.  Alternatively, we can clip your cat into either a lion cut or, if you want a longer look, a comb cut. 

Sharp claws are trimmed and we can apply nail caps or soft paws to help reduce scratching damage to humans, cats and furniture.   We also pay attention to your cats eyes and ears to keep them nice and clean. 

Cats booked in for a groom will be assessed and we can help recommend a grooming schedule suitable for your particular cat.

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